What We Want To See Of The Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price, Release Date, DealsWhile Note 7 was a disappointment, as early as now, rumors already made its rounds around the internet on its successor – Samsung Galaxy Note 8. If Note 7 didn’t cause damage to properties and injuries, it was really a good phone. But, now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would completely go down in smartphone history.

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Now that rumors of the upcoming Note 8 are starting to emerge, will the sad story behind Note 7 ends? So, what we want to see in Note 8? Of course, the very first criteria is, it will not catch a fire! Right?

Note 8 screen

Like its predecessor, it might still have a 5.7-inch screen – more like the optimal size for the Note series. However, there were also rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 having 6.2-inch screen. So, who knows Note 8 could sport much bigger screen?

Aside from a much bigger screen, there were also rumors about a foldable Note 8. Samsung has been working on such technology for several years, and it is believed that the company will showcase the fruits of its labor next year. However, this is not a guarantee that Note 8 will feature such technology, or there will be yet, another smartphone from the company dedicated to test the waters with foldable screen.

Let’s not put our hopes up too high as these are simply rumors that might turn out to be a hoax.

Note 8 Camera

Dual-lens rear camera has become the trend in high-end smartphones. Some say that Galaxy S8 could have a dual-lens camera with 12MP and 13MP pairing or a single lens camera of up to 30MP. But, the highly anticipated optical image stabilization could also be in Note 8, given that Note 7 had it.

Note 8 Battery

Note 8 will surely support fast charging since Note 7 has it. With the 3,500mAh battery of Note 7, surely Note 8 will have at least this spec.

Note 8 OS, RAM and power

Note 8 might have two variants when it comes to the processor – its very own Exynos chips or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. Maybe Note 8 will have the latest processor chips – Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 830. But, there’s no info yet, as to what regions Note 8 will be released.

As for the memory, Note 8 might have 4GB of RAM, but maybe it will shoot up to 6GB or 8GB of RAM.

We don’t know whether Note 8 will have Android Nougat, or perhaps, the upcoming Android 0.

Note 8 expected additional features

The note series always come with a stylus. It is said to have an iris scanner and an AI assistant.

Note 8 price & release date

The Note series is usually released every third quarter to early fourth quarter each year – Note 7 was launched in September, Note 5 in August, and Note 4 landed in October. So, there is a great possibility that Note 8 will also be launched on that said date range.

As for the price, it is expected to be around $850.

Let’s take all these with a pinch of salt.

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Source: techradar.com

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  1. I am a Hugh fan of the samsung galaxy note series.i jus hope Samsung does not use an exploding battery for the Samsung galaxy note 8. It’s already bad enough that the note 7 explodes. It’s would really kill Samsung public image if the same thing happen to the galaxy note 8. Also I hope Samsung make TouchWiz even more leaner and cut down on the bloatware pre installed on the smartphone

  2. I really love Samsung phones and I pray to God that it will be the best so far. This author is really optimistic, I think that the new version of Samsung be a lot worse, Samsung is losing the race with other companies. Chinese brands are becoming increasingly popular and I think Samsung will not be able to keep track of all this but it remains to be seen. All praise for the author.

  3. I am very big fan of Samsung Galaxy s series, I have now Samsung Galaxy s5 and it’s very good for me, it’s best phone I ever had but I am saving money now to buy Samsung Galaxy s8 when it’s come out.
    Samsung is in my opinion better than iphone, speccialy S series.

  4. It would be great that it has a removable battery in case of explosion 🙂 but that would probably ruin the aesthetics of the phone. The only way Note 7 was a disappointment was the battery if they improve it they will have a bestseller again.

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