The Science Behind The Functions Of Mobile Phones

cell-tower-science-behind-mobile-phone-functionsYou are using a mobile phone, but, do you really know how it works? Well, perhaps, some of you know something about the functions and workings of a mobile phone. But, for those who don’t know, here are some basic facts that you need to know.

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Basic Analogy

A mobile phone is like a walkie-talkie, in the sense that it uses radio technology to transmit and receive signals. However, as you know, phones don’t function like a walkie-talkie, since they don’t directly connect to each other. If they do so, there wouldn’t be enough frequencies available and the signals will surely clash.

So, how do these millions of mobile phones really work and connect with each other?

How it functions?

The current mobile system is composed of cells with receiving towers in each cell. Hence, the American term, cell phones.

If someone calls you, the moment you speak to the phone’s microphone, it turns your voice – the sound signal – into an electric signal. These electric signals are then converted into radio waves via transmitter that sends the signal to the nearest cell tower. These radio waves will be transmitted to the towers in the cell network, until it reaches the nearest tower of the receiver. From there, it will be converted back to sound signals, which received and understood by the receiver. The process is the same, when the receiver responds to the sender.

This means that every single frequency is available in each cell. And, multiple people can use the same frequency in different cells, unlike the walkie-talkie, with direct connection using the same frequency.

The process is rather quick and unnoticeable, given the advancement and breakthrough of the technology. Hence, you don’t know that the process is complicated, ‘coz all you know is that, the sender is just right next to you.

So, what will happen if you are making calls on New Year’s eve?


Since people can connect to one another, and the frequency range is finite, some problems are encountered when using mobile phones, say, calling during Christmas or New Year’s eve. If all the frequencies in one cell are being used up, the network can become blocked. Hence, it is very difficult to connect during these days.

So, now you know how your smartphone works, especially when calling or receiving a call. And, you shouldn’t be frustrated when you cannot make a call during Christmas or New Year season, since it’s a given that the cell network will behave that way during the busiest season of the year.

If you know the science behind other functions of a mobile phone, do comment it below and we will surely publish a post about it in the future.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I realy like your blog’s i learned so much that actualy i didnt know how it work’s.For sure i will recommend this blog to everyone that i know to read it and learn something that they didnt know before also off course i recommend it to all of you who read only comment first before reading the article :))) I hope that i will see much more from you and learn even more about technology be well i cant wait for the next articles and thank you for everything

  2. Hello,

    This is a very nice post. I have always been interested in how mobile networks work. However I want to draw attention to the increasing reports that mobile phones are bad for the health because of the signals that come from these mobile cells. Do you thing this is a real issue or people are just freaking out for nothing? I have been talking on the phone for 2 or 3 hours, and if I have to be honest I feel a little dizzy after that. What is your opinion?

  3. I was always asking myself how to really move votes via cell phones in General and especially mobile because it is a wire up like a landline. But nice here that all the described is less than the second

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