Nikon & Kodak Announced Great Innovations In Smartphone Photography. Which Is The Best?

Nikon, Kodak Announces Its Great Innovation In Smartphone Photography. Which Is The BestNikon and Kodak are two of the best brands when it comes to photography. Though Nikon has been long standing when it comes to their DSLR line of products, but, with more advanced cameras of, say, iPhone 7, Google Pixel and Galaxy S7, some photographers opt to use smartphones because of its convenience.

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Therefore, Nikon introduced a technology that suits real photographers who want the convenience of uploading pictures every after they capture it.

On the other hand, Kodak was an iconic camera company that failed to cope up with the world of digital and smartphone cameras. Though it declared bankruptcy, even sold its portfolio of patents to Apple and Google last 2012, it was able to spring back a year after. Now, it has made a comeback with a great smartphone that suits professional photographers and neophytes, alike.

Nikon: Snapbridge-enabled DSLRs with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

We know, DSLR is best in getting great pictures, no matter what lighting conditions you take your shot. We know as well, that smartphone photography has its limitations. And, speaking of pictures, we don’t want to share low-resolution pictures on Instagram or Facebook. While DSLR is ideal, we might find it hard to share our captured moments right away, since most of DSLRs still need laptops if we want to get the images, before we can share on Facebook.

But now, this tedious task can be eliminated with an app along the top-of-the-line DSLRs from Nikon. One of which is D500, which was introduced last January during the CES. For $2,000, you can enjoy amazing features, including its ability to shoot up to 10 frames per second and 4K video recording. Plus, the most unique feature is the Snapbridge with Bluetooth Low Energy connection to establish connection between the camera and smartphone.

Nikon, Kodak Announces Its Great Innovation In Smartphone Photography. Which Is The Best?The great thing about Snapbridge is that, its connection is stable. Although the initial configuration is a little buggy, it doesn’t give you a headache after you successfully paired your camera and smartphone.

There is a specific feature of Snapbridge that allow you to automatically transfer files of 2MB in size or less. It might not practical, but, if you want to reduce the hassle of manual transfer, this feature is really great. Hence, you will just wait a few seconds and the photos you capture on your DSLR will be available on your phone.

With the Bluetooth Low Energy, it will not eat up much of your battery, unlike when using Wi-Fi connections. Plus, it’s available both in Android and iOS devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app and experience the convenience of best-resolution photo sharing with Snapbridge app and Nikon cameras.

Snapbridge-enabled Nikon products included D500, D3400, and its forthcoming action cameras. Although there are other methods to connect the camera to smartphones like Wi-Fi and the Eye-Fi card, so far, Nikon’s Snapbridge is the best and most stable.

Kodak: Ektra – introduce Kodak’s photography prowess on smartphones

Kodak is now making its way, not to challenge Apple and Samsung head-on with high-end smartphones, but in terms of smartphone photography.

The iconic camera company is set to release a high-powered camera for photography fanatics this year. With the help of Bullitt, a Reading-based manufacturer, Ektra will soon bring up Kodak’s banner in photography. Ektra is named after Kodak’s groundbreaking 1942 camera and claims to surpass the cameras on mainstream smartphones.

Nikon, Kodak Announces Its Great Innovation In Smartphone Photography. Which Is The Best?It comes with a 21MP main camera with advanced menus for tweaking shots and Google Snapseed – a detailed editing app. Plus, it comes with dedicated shutter for stylish and retro photography. It is an Android handset, shaped like a camera. Ektra has a microSD card slot for additional storage, and a powerful processor that allows instant processing of high-definition shots.

“Millions of people identify themselves as keen photographers. This is clearly a niche segment, but there are hundreds of thousands of people [in the UK] this would appeal to,” said Charlie Henderson, Bullitt’s product manager. “This stands out in a sea of black or white metal phones.”

Ektra will cost around £449 and will be first released in the UK and Europe this December.

If you are interested, stay tuned for the updates.

Now, which do you think is the best? Is it the entrant Ektra, or it is still best to bring with you a Snapbridge-enabled Nikon DSLR?

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