Be A Mobile Wizard And Impress Your Friends With These Simple Phone Tricks!

phone tricks smartphon tricks mobile tipsDo you want to look awesome and impress your friends with your phone tricks? Or, you just want to maximize the use of your phone? Either way, here are a few simple tricks that help you uncover the hidden potential of your phone, at the same time, help and impress your friends.

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The following tricks are simple, but, are handy and helpful. Maybe some of you already know them, so, please share your insights below. In this way, perhaps, you can help someone discover new things on their smartphones.

Digitize your documents without a scanner

With the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, you can immediately get a digitized copy of your documents. To do so, download EverNote, Google Drive, CamScanner, or any app with the same functionality. With just a few taps you can have your document ready to send via email or publish online.

Turn off Wi-Fi with your voice

Too busy to reach for your phone and turn off the Wi-Fi? Don’t worry. With Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana, you can simply configure the system to turn off Wi-Fi using your voice. This functionality works with Bluetooth, as well.

Use airplane mode to speed up charging

Want to charge up quickly? Try putting your phone in an airplane mode to do so. On this mode, the phone consumes less battery, hence, charging up quicker.

Use iPhone’s LED flash for notifications

If you want to be alerted of new notifications while your phone is in silent mode, simply use your iPhone’s LED flash. To do so, go to Settings > General then Accessibility, then toggle LED flash for alerts. This setting is also true for Android.

Set alarm to get louder and louder on Android phones

Go to the Clock app and look for the menu (three vertical dots). From the options page, find the one that says, “Gradually increase volume.” Turn this on to give you an extra push to get out of the bed.

Uncover Android’s safe mode

Like Windows, Android also has hidden safe mode, where third-party apps are disabled. In order to access the safe mode, turn off your phone, then, bring up the Power off menu by simply pressing the button along with the other designated hardware button. Each phone has varied combinations. See the details here.

Flush the RAM on iPhone

Unlike Android, iOS don’t have a safe mode, but, you can quickly flush the RAM to get rid of unwanted consumption of the memory. To do so, press and hold the Power and the home button to do so.

Unlock system UI tuner

Android 6.0 Marshmallow comes with a hidden System UI tuner that lets you play around with the Quick settings pane, that includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. To enable it, press and hold the cog icon at the top of the Quick Settings, then, find the Settings app.

Automatic stop playing option for iPhone

If you go to the Clock app, you can see a countdown timer. You can use this to set your music to Stop playing. This timer is connected to your music app, that when the time you set on the timer is up, all your music will automatically be stopped.

Take a picture with hardware buttons

If you don’t want to press the shutter button when you want to take a picture, simply configure your device to have the hardware buttons function as a shutter button. To do so, simply go to the Camera settings and look for the settings that allow you to snap a picture using the hardware keys. It’s true for Android, iOS and Windows mobile phones.

Email huge files from iPhone (iOS)

The latest iOS added Mail Drop to iPhones, so that users can send larger files. Instead of attaching the file, Mail uploads it to iCloud, and you will be given a download link valid for 30 days.

Now that you have all these tips, do you share it with your friends. Or, if you know of any other tricks, then share it  with us. We are more than glad to add it to our list.

Stay tuned!


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  1. The tricks were pretty good and interesting. some of them or I could say most of them which we usually already know and/but do not really care about, are mentioned from different point of view. The author explained each and every small trick in detail and real usage in our daily usage. As the author said, we/most of all do not use the mobile phone to its full potential and some people just use for sake of showing up or so, but if you know some features which are hidden or deep inside, one would be fascinated on capability of ones mobile phone. Specially the points like ‘Use airplane mode to speed up charging’ and ‘Take a picture with hardware buttons’ are my favorites among all, these are really useful in day to day business.

    Interesting article and thumbs up to the author.

  2. These tricks are really nice. I haven’t known most of them. I really like the using airplane mode to speed up charging advice because I usually charge my phone overnight and I don’t want anyone calling me during the night either so this really helps. Also I had no idea I could configure other hardware buttons as a shutter button, shutter button on my phone is not very practical so that will help a lot,thank you very much.

  3. Extraordinary! Thank you (I think…) for such an amazing curated tips of goodies! Now to set aside a day and try them all? Don’t think so 😀.

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