LG Could Have The Iris Scanner & Selfie Cam Into One Tiny Module

LG Could Have The Iris Scanner & Selfie Cam Into One Tiny ModuleIris scanner in smartphones is really a great deal, adding more security to the device. In fact, it could be the best way to secure your devices.

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Although Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the first to have such feature, but, given what had happened to the device, LG’s bet could be a very interesting one. It might also be a great replacement to the device.

LG Innotek in South Korea is currently working on ways to improve the iris scanning technology in smartphones. And, recently, during a technology expo in South Korea, it had shown two new modules showcasing the iris scanner – combination of an iris scanner and a selfie camera. This means that if LG will use this combination onto their smartphones, LG Innotek can reduce lens count by one, and it will take less space, therefore, maximizing the design of the phone.

The combined module

The iris scanner requires a certain type of camera. Since LG Innotek has combined the iris scanner and the selfie camera, it seems that they have found the right filter to be used for the module to be effective. Aside from the single lens, configuration, LG Innotek is also able to produce a conventional double-lens iris scanner module. However, it terms of which exactly is better between the two, is yet to be seen.

While there were rumors regarding the LG’s upcoming LG G6 to have the iris scanners, the company didn’t confirm the authenticity of these rumors. LG G6 will be the flagship smartphone of the company for 2016 – the successor of this year’s LG G5. Although there is not much information about LG G6, given that its predecessors were released during the Mobile World Congress every first quarter of the year, the device might also be released during the said event.

As for now, take this information with a pinch of salt.

Final note

LG Innotek is not just making components for LG. It also ties up with other manufacturers. Hence, there might be a great possibility that a wide variety of smartphones could showcase the combined module early next year.

According to local reports in South Korea, the iris scanners are now ready to go into production, since testing has been successfully completed. But, before jumping into conclusion, let’s wait for the final confirmation from LG.

Until then, stay tuned for updates!

Source: digitrends.com

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