Hungry? Here Are 5 Best Food Delivery Apps That Will Bring Best Value Meal At Your Doorsteps

best food delivery apps, best food delivery app, best food app, best delivery appAre you too busy to cook your food at home? If you are, then, no worry, you can try food delivery.

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You think ordering food could be such a hassle? Maybe. You have to remember the restaurant name for you to search online or via the yellow pages to get the number. Once you have the number, you got to call and sometimes you might get put on hold or hear the noise of the busy restaurant. Sometimes it’s even harder to specify your order because of several interruptions.

But, with smartphones, you don’t need to go through the hassle of calling the restaurant because all you need to have is a Wi-Fi or data connection and one of these apps.

Best Food Delivery Apps

Mobile apps reduce human-to-human contact, hence reducing the errors and hastening the process. Aside from that, you don’t bother calling when all you got to do is simply make a few taps in your smartphone, input your location and the app will find the best restaurants near you. Not just that, if you are traveling, you can also use this app, since most of the best food delivery apps we’ll include here are having a worldwide reach. So, sit back as we begin to reveal our top 5 best food delivery apps.


Simple. Fast and Easy. This is Seamless. It gives you thousands of menus from different restaurants all over the 600 cities in the United States. Not just that, it also offers exclusive in-app discounts to make your meal more savory. Plus, it doesn’t have any delivery fee at all, but a minimum order might be applicable in some restaurants. If you think Seamless is the best, download the app now for your iOS and Android devices.


Have a craving for an Italian cuisine? No worry. With Grubhub, you can simply enter the specific menu or type of cuisine that you want to have for the day, and you can find them all without a hassle. You can also key in your location to find the best restaurants in your location. Plus, you can save the delivery locations, say home or work. So, the next time you order a meal, the process will be as fast as the bolt of lightning, and the delivery, as well.

It’s available on Android and iOS devices. Though this app is for free, some restaurants may charge you for the delivery fee and often have a minimum order amount. And, it’s available in over 900 cities in the US.


If you trust Uber to drive you around the city, then, maybe you can trust them to deliver your favorite breakfast meals every day. Though UberEats is a different app as Uber, you can still enjoy estimated delivery times and cashless transactions. Not just that, it’s available worldwide, including the major cities in the US such as Chicago and L.A., and in Amsterdam, Austin, Baltimore, Canada, Tokyo, Singapore and other parts around the globe.

The app charges a $5 delivery fee. But, if you think it’s okay, get UberEats for your Android and iOS devices.


This app offers more than just food delivery. It is a delivery service that picks up anything from anywhere and delivers it to your doorsteps in no time. It doesn’t actually partner with restaurants, so, you are limited by your location. It has 9% delivery fee added to every order, in addition to a $5 fixed delivery fee. Postmates also offers “Plus Unlimited” service for $10/month, which gives you free delivery from select stores and restaurants for every $25+ order. Right now, it’s available in over 90 cities in the US, and available for both Android and iOS devices.


All of the apps mentioned above provide cashless transactions. Foodler offers the same feature, plus two more options. It accepts payments from major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay, Bitcoins and Foodler Bucks. While Seamless provides discounts, Foodler gives rewards that can be converted into free meals. It’s available in more than 4,000 cities in the US. Although this app is free, some restaurants charge for a delivery fee. So, get this app now for your iOS or Android devices.

There you have the five best food delivery that’ll surely deliver great menus at a reasonable price.

If you know of any other great food delivery apps, share it with us and we’ll add it to the list.

If you want us to write about a specific mobile story, please write down your suggestions below.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Interesting experiment, it really shows the benefit of preparing food verses having to deliver someone else food. The major problem that I had with this exercise is that it is very difficult to measure the quality of the food, as everyone ordered something different and doing this exercise once is a huge problem, as this one day might be an outlier for a really good service. If Forbes ever does something like this again I would recommend trying to order similar dishes and doing it for at least a week (one that is not special, like has a national holiday) so that you can use average speed of delivery and see if your finding here hold up. 

  2. Wow! it is real wonderful, I mean it will save the stress of walking around Trying to find the best restaurants ,especially in a new neighborhood. I would just sit on my bed and order for my favourite meals. Thanks for the list, it is very helpful.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful article. The evolution of food delivery apps and sites is fascinating. I will be curious to see how effective these services can be at penetrating markets that are not high in population density. I am surprised that they are just now becoming main stream services.

  4. Welcome in the modern world ! It gets life so easy. But of course, one must not stop cooking at home because that’s nice too. When I have no time to, this apps are very helpful for me anyway and I’ll keep on using ’em. What is positive too is that we have choice and i guess we cannot be disappointed. I just wonder how we could live without this apps before. Because they are just a need nowadays. A totally must have inside his phone.

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