Google Pixel’s Camera Is Better Than iPhone 7 Plus. Revealed Right Here!

Google Pixel's Camera Is Better Than iPhone 7 Plus. Revealed Right Here!Among the considerations when buying a new smartphone is the camera specifications, right? Although, iPhones don’t have higher specs when it comes to camera, it’s a given that iPhones are doing great in smartphone photography.

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However, the new iPhone 7 Plus finds its perfect match as the camera specs and technology used in Google Pixel is way better than its telephoto lens.

Why? What’s with the Google Pixel camera that makes it so awesome?

That HDR+.

That’s all?

What is HDR+?

This is an example of computational photography, and currently, a fast-moving field. This technology creates an image not only when the image sensor turns the light into digital data producing an image. Instead, with the help of the processor, extra image processing is being made that could reduce noise, correct optical shortcomings, even stitches the camera sweep when taking a single panoramic shot.

HDR+ is more improved in, what is called, the dynamic range – the ability to photograph both dim shadows and bright lights. Expensive cameras don’t have a problem with this range. However, for smartphones, this could be very challenging. If you don’t want your wedding gown to look just like a blaze of white, or you don’t want to miss a single detail in your picture, then, you might need Google Pixel for it.

How it works?

When the camera is opened, HDR+ starts to “circulate” a constant stream of photos through the phone’s system – 30/sec when it’s bright and 15/sec when it’s dim. Now, when you tap the shutter button, it grabs raw image data from the last 5 to 10 frames, and get’s to work, said, Tim Knight, the leader for Google’s Android camera team.

HDR+ technology maintains highlights. “We’re capturing all the data underexposed — sometimes 3 to 4 stops underexposed,” said Knight. This means that each frame is 16 times darker than it looks in the final photo. By stacking up the shots into a single photo, HDR+ can brighten darker areas without destroying the photo, and protect the highlights from washing out, as well.

It works well with Qualcomm’s Hexagon chip that aids the image processing in Google Pixel. “Our goal was to maintain quality but improve speed,” Knight said. “We met that goal.”

Google uses an open-source image-processing software project called Halide. It took them two years to adapt Halide, so it’s being tested and surely is working well with Hexagon processor.

Furthermore, Google used the 12MP Sony IMX378 sensor, with larger pixels to distinguish dark from light and avoid image noise, on the first place.


Sometimes, HDR+ makes photos underexposed – some naturally bright colors are muted, and bright-dark contrast may suffer halos. However, it does well with overcasted skies, backlit faces and other challenges.

The good this is, Google can update the camera app to improve HDR+. So, anytime soon, HDR+ technology can be perfected.

Check out some comparison of images taken with Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus right here. Decide for yourself, which phone is the best in taking and making great images. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Stay tuned!


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  1. things i noticed with google pixel phone. The first thing I noticed was the build quality didn’t feel as good as my iphone7.. which bothered me since they are only a 100$ apart.. tested the camera on both phones side by side and I’ll say that I do like the pixels camera better than the 7 although it’s not night and day different… next I checked to see how snappy it was compared to the 7 they were both fast as hell no issues there…I knew the fingerprint scanner was on the back of course but I wasn’t going to call it a issue until I felt it in my hand , and I will say I’m not feeling that at all , unlocking with your thumb is way more natural… I didn’t test google assistant because I was using it on my note 7 and I already knew what it was capable of , yes having it baked in is better but still not a omg I gotta have it type of deal ..I played with it for about an hour and a half total and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth dumping my 7 for .. I figured I’ll only be keeping both phones 12-16months max and when I got ready to sell the pixel or 7 the 7s value will still be there…I will definitely miss the customization of android for a while but I just didn’t see or feel anything that made me want to switch to the pixel

    1. Thank you for your informative comment, akinyemi oluwatomisin.

      I agree with you! If we compare the build quality of iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, definitely, the winner is iPhone 7. As you have tested, Google Pixel might have an edge when it comes to smartphone photography.
      So, if you are to recommend one of these phones to a friend who loves smartphone photography, which of the two will it be? iPhone 7 or Google Pixel?

  2. Hello Chacha! 🙂
    I don’t have Googles Pixels camera, I don’t have iPhone 7, I have Asus zen phone (with HDR camera). 🙂 I just want to say that I agree with every word you say. My son has Samsung Tab S, and my Asus makes much better pictures that his Samsung. My point is: we can all agree that young people want to make a point showing their social status using expensive gadgets, but the truth is, those same gadgets with much better performances can cost less than the popular ones.
    I saw those compared photos Google Pixel VS iPhone 7…. I would definitely go for Google! 🙂

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