Google Pixel & Samsung Galaxy S7 Compared. Which Will Dominate?

samsung-galaxy-s7-and-google-pixel-comparisonDone with the comparison between Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus camera specs. Now, it’s time to have a closer and deeper look at Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7. Let’s see, which of the two dominates.

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At a first glance of Google Pixel, you might mistook it as an iPhone, of course, without the Apple branding and Home button. Instead, at the back is the fingerprint scanner. Its looks don’t attract much attention, as it seems like any other smartphone, with glossy surface – and, it’s not the first smartphone to introduce fingerprint reader at the back.

Now, the very first time you’ll see Samsung Galaxy S7, you will automatically notice its sexiness and it’s like a luxury device. Plus, Galaxy S7 is waterproof, while Google Pixel is not really rated as such. Lastly, if Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 are placed side by side, surely many would love and pick the S7. So, Samsung Galaxy S7 scored here.


Now, let’s go to the camera, where Google Pixel is being compared to iPhone 7 Plus. Now, it’s between Sammy and Google. Samsung’ S7 has a 12MP shooter at the back with optical image stabilization and f/1.7 aperture.

One the other hand, Google Pixel also has a 12MP rear shooter, but it doesn’t have optical image stabilization, it has an aperture of f/2.0, which means that it won’t let in much of the light.

Google Pixel is best for outdoor exposure, and it’s even better than Galaxy S7. However, Galaxy S7 also has a great image optical stabilization, which makes it great when shooting a wide variety of images under different lighting conditions.

Overall, if you have either Galaxy S7 or Google Pixel, you know you have the two of the best Android phones today! Hence, it’s a draw in the camera department.


There are two versions of Samsung Galaxy S7 when it comes to the processor: Exynos 8890 in the UK and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip for the US market. Both of the versions come with 4GB of RAM and according to, there is no noticeable difference between the two versions.

On the other hand, Google Pixel has a slightly upgraded Snapdragon 821 chip. However, when it comes to day-to-day usage, there isn’t any difference compared to Snapdragon 820. It also has a whopping 4GB of RAM.

So, in this area, it’s again a draw.


Though Samsung S7 and Google Pixel have so many things in common, especially when it comes to the camera quality and the processing unit. Samsung Galaxy S7 still has its edge over Google Pixel, when it comes to the premium design and built, wireless charging, microSD support, not to mention, its waterproofing capability.

The winner in this comparison is Samsung Galaxy S7.

You are entitled to your own preferences. Hence, for you, which of two will it be? Leave a comment below to start a conversation.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Thanks for the honest review! Though Samsung had always been my first pick in a smart phone, the new Google pixel now make the decision even harder – hence it amazing spec and pretty as well Samsung s7 battery explosion saga may turn away some of it loyal customers away from their flagships. Google’s new smart phone has a lot of potentials awaiting them but if only they take advantage of it although lots of my folks already share good and raving reviews about them, but yours have some feel of “Authority”. Thanks again for this amazing distinction.

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