Best Android Apps You Should Download Right Now! – Part 1

Are you looking for the best Android apps right now? Well, if you are, keep scrolling down the list and check out the ones that you need. And, if you have apps not mentioned here, but you think are worthy to be in this list, do comment them below so we can add it to this list.

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Travel & Transportation

  • Airbnb: If you are always on-to-go around the world, then have Airbnb on your phone. With over 450,000 listings in over 34,000 cities, you can find the best place to stay at the price that you can surely afford. You can communicate the host, plan your itinerary, and have the directions. Payments are made via the app, so you don’t need to chill out money when you arrive the accommodation. Google Store | App Store
  • Uber: Uber, the taxi app, helps you travel around cities in a convenient way. Users can set their pickup location and they can get picked up in minutes. No need for cash as it will automatically be charged to their credit card, PayPal or Google Wallet account. It’s currently operates in London, Leeds, Manchester, and in other cities worldwide. App Store | Google Play
  • Citymapper: This is an urban transport app designed to make navigation in cities much easier. It includes a journey planner, with real-time traffic forecast and disruptions on public transport, allowing you to adjust your schedule and find the best route. It is now used in London, Manchester and other parts of the world. Google Play | App Store

Photos & Videosimage-and-photos-videos-best-android-apps

  • Prisma: This is a wonderful app that lets you make your simple photo into a great work of art. It uses intelligent machine learning techniques for its filters and technically, it’s more intricate than Instagram. Google Play | App Store
  • Vine: Create short loops and share them with your friends and other contacts. Like Twitter, Vine videos, called Vines, are limited to six seconds. So, creating them is really a work of art. Users can find, follow and interact with other Vine users just like how other social media works. App Store | Play Store | Microsoft Store
  • Google Photos: Already available in some Android phones, this app allows you to organize photos and make them searchable by people. It can automatically provide montage movies, interactive stories, collages and animations, and more importantly, it provides automatic backup. Google Play | App Store
  • Pixlr: This is one of the most popular and easy-to-use photo editing app. You can quickly crop, rotate, even fine-tune any picture. There are over 2M combinations of free effects, overlays, borders that you can choose from, including, red-eye removal, professional touch, even teeth whitening. To make things faster, you can choose the auto-fix tool that allows balancing out of colors and adjust brightness in just seconds. Google Play | App Store | Microsoft Store
  • Periscope: This is a live-streaming app that allows anyone to broadcast video from anywhere in the world. It is a very popular app, in fact, it has gained a million users in just 10 days after its launch. App Store | Play Store


  • Dropbox: This is a very popular app to backup all your photos, videos, documents and other files. Since you can store the files in the cloud, you can also access them anytime and anywhere. It can be used to send large files and edit Microsoft Office files from your phones or tablet. App Store | Google Play | Microsoft Store
  • Pocket: If you are a fan of reading articles, web pages or watching video clips, well, you can take them offline, to catch up using Pocket. It syncs with other devices, so you can access it anytime and anywhere. Chrome Store | Google Play | App Store


Messaging & Internet Video Calling

  • WhatsApp: This app is used by many, since it is very easy to use and light to download. It works even if your internet connection is 3G, 2G or EDGE. You can send videos and photos, set up group chats and also video call a friend. This app is completely free. App Store | Google Play | Microsoft Store
  • Skype: If you roam around the world and wish to speak with your loved ones at home, use Skype. Users can chat, audio call, even video call using a mobile phone with mobile network or Wi-Fi. Not just that, you can also send photos, and docs for business and other engagements. You can buy credits to call mobile phones or landline, even send SMS. Google Play | App Store
  • Snapchat: This app lets you share photos or video to your friend. Your friends have a few seconds to view it before it disappears from their screen. If your friend is online, you can share live video, or chat face-to-face. App Store | Google Play
  • Facebook Messenger: With over 800 million users last 2015, this standalone messaging app from Facebook gains so much popularity. And, it is not just a mere messaging app, but also a video calling, and even and has AI available to select users. It has more integration, including Uber, even payment integration, as well. App Store | Google Play

Stay tuned for the second part of the list in the next post. 

If you wish to share information about the app that you are using, do leave a comment below. 


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  1. Good day .. nice work this is good may apps of messaging and editting photo or video
    this is nice subjects .. the subjects of android apps are interessant nowadays
    and you can also add apps of setting and maintain of the phone
    nice work

    1. Thank you abdelkader bousaid! Indeed, messaging and photo/video editing are the highlights here. With social media, people have the freedom to connect, sharing photos/videos, as well. Hence, photo/video maker and editors are amongst the widely downloaded apps for Android. You can check out more apps here.

  2. i think that these things you said in article are definitly categorized them very good.My personal favorite is skype and uber.Everybody neds to read this article about best apps.thank you chacha for posting this post.i hope that you will soon post somethin about apps that people dont need to install on they androids and ios.Also i hope you could tell us something how to make money on internet because you are probobly master for that things .here you soon with ne things

    1. Hi Milos! Thank you for dropping by. We will definitely make a compilation of apps that are “not necessary” both for Android and iOS.
      Hence, stay tuned!

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