Best Android Apps You Should Download Right Now! – Part 2

In continuation with the previous post, here are other best Android apps that you can download right now. From keyboard app, to security, even dating and fitness app. Every app you need to have is right here on this list. 

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swipe with Swiftkey the best keyboard keyKeyboard App

  • SwiftKey: If you want to make things easier as you send messages with your phone, SwiftKey is the best. It uses artificial intelligence that quickly learns your writing style, including emojis, nicknames, slang, etc. Overtime, it can eliminate common typos and even improve autocorrect and predictive text. You can swipe from letter to letter or simply tap the letters when writing. Google Play | App Store

Security App

  • 1Password: If you need to secure all your passwords, then, use 1Password and unlock it with your fingerprint. This is very essential to those who use different passwords for different services. Google Play | App Store
  • AVG AntiVirus Security: This is one of the best free security apps for Android. It has easy-to-use virus and malware protection, real-time app scanner, even phone locator, app lock, task killer and so much more. Though other premium security apps are better than AVG, but, if you only need a base level of protection, you can have it with AVG. Google Play

Photo Sharing App/Social Media

  • Instagram: Transform your photos and video into a work of art and share it to the world with Instagram. You can edit your photos and videos with filters and creative tools, and share it to others and to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites. So, download the app now and connect with other users around the globe. Google Play | App Store | Chrome Web Store | Microsoft Store

Musicbest android app

  • Spotify: If you are a music lover, you should download the app right now. With the broad range of artists and albums from over 30 million tracks, surely you can create a playlist that keeps you up and dancing all day. You can discover new songs, and you can select from ready-made playlists depending on your mood at the moment. Microsoft Store | Google Play | App Store | Chrome Web Store
  • Shazam: Having problems remembering the title of the song or the singer? Worry no more. Shazam is an expert in finding missing links in music. Not only Shazam pulls that information for you, you can also pull up music lyrics and YouTube videos, allowing you to add the songs to your Rdio or Spotify playlists. Google Play | App Store

Mobile Gamesclash of clans best android apps

  • Pokemon Go: If you like to catch Pokemon and walk outside for a while, Pokemon Go is for you. This is a virtual reality game that lets you stand up, walk and run to find Pokemon in the real world – malls, parks and historic sites. If you think it’s exciting, download it right now. Warning! Just don’t hunt Pokemon inside holy places like churches and temples, and on streets, as well. Google Play | App Store
  • Clash of Clans: Raise your own fantasy barbarian army with Clash of Clans. Users battle against millions of players around the world, forging alliances and destroy enemy clans. This is a free-to-play app, but if you want to advance, you can buy some items with real money. Google Play | App Store
  • Candy Crush Saga: This is an all-time favorite mobile and addictive puzzle game. This challenges your skills in matching up combinations of colored sweets. This is a great app to kill time, especially when you are bored on a long trip or waiting for someone. This app is free, but you can purchase some items if you want to have an advantage over the other. Facebook | App Store | Google Play | Microsoft Store


  • Evernote: This is one of the best and intuitive note-taking apps, not just for Android, but for iPhones and iPads, as well. It lets your write checklists, notes, even attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs, photos, discuss notes and so much more. Since you can synchronize the app across your devices, you can access your files anytime and anywhere. You can get it for free with 60MB storage, and with ads. A premium, ad-free version is also available with an annual subscription. App Store | Google Play | Chrome Web Store

imdb best android app for moviesTV/Movies & Celeb Info

  • IMDb: This is the world largest collection of films, TV, and even celebrity information and updates. You can get almost anything about movies, including plot, user ratings, photos, reviews, even trailers, trivia and so much more. Google Play | App Store
  • Netflix: If you watch TV and films on-the-go, then, this app is fit for you. With subscription fee as low as $9/month, surely you will enjoy thousands of films and TV episodes. Depending on your subscription, you can get unlimited access to movies worldwide, anytime you want to watch. Microsoft Store | App Store | Google Play


  • Just Eat: You want to order food? Use your smartphone or tablet to do that. Simply type in the postcode to search and order from local restaurants, and pay online – as easy as that. You can filter results by rating, restaurant name, offer, distance, even cuisine type. This apps also offers a wide variety of discounts and offers. Google Play | Microsoft Store | App Store

Online Datingtinder online dating best android apps

  • Tinder: This app revolutionized and simplifies online dating. User can check out pictures of single people around them. You can swipe to the right to like or to the “left” to “pass”. Once the person you like “likes back,” you can start a conversation with that person. The monthly subscription lets you access premium features like undo swipes or ‘rewind’, to have a second look of the pictures you swiped to the left. Google Play | App Store


  • Strava: This is a great app for both cyclists and runners. It lets you track your runs and rides. You can also participate in challenges and compare your statistics with friends, locals, even professionals. In this way, you will know your performance and what your advantage will be on the actual race. It is compatible with major GPS devices like FitBit, Garmin, Tomtom, and Microsoft Band. Google Play | App Store

Online Trading

  • Robin Hood: Looking for online trading app? Well, better choose the best. Robin Hood is a nominee for the best mobile app at Crunchies 2016, so surely many people have loved the app.  It has reported to have brokered over $1 billion trades since December 2014. Website | Google Play | App Store

What are you waiting for? Download the apps now and share with us why you download it. You can also leave a comment on which app is the best among the best.

Stay tuned for more!



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  1. Nice article i must say. I just downloaded the AVG antivirus and it has been an amazing experience since then. I need not worry anymore about some annoying malware attacking my device. I am a fitness conscious person and i am enjoying the strava app. It really does help with my jugging excerise and other routine of fitness. I will be grateful if you do a review on wallpaper apps for the Android family. You have a great stuff going on here and you have got a regular reader. Thank you

    1. Hi Sam,

      We will definitely have a list of the best wallpaper apps for Android in the future. Just stay tuned for the updates!

      Thank you for dropping by. We are overwhelmed and grateful of your comment.

  2. What I don’t like is that I had to go through a slideshow to see what kind of apps I may need, but overall good job done by the writer, installed the instagram and viber these two works great for me but avast didn’t do something great for me may be people won’t agree but that’s my case and planning to install something new.

  3. I downloaded most of the apps and I find them to very encouraging. The best among them that has been working for me since the day I installed them are INSTAGRAM and VIBER. I have been enjoying free video/voice calls via Viber and I’m really intrigued. Thanks for sharing…

  4. Hello is good to be among of commenter, I download most of the app I found it easier I learned lot, I’m a fitness conscious person and i am enjoying the strava app. it really does help with my jugging excerise and other routine of fitness. I will be grateful if you do a review on wallpaper apps for the Android family. thanks….

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