Android Nougat VS. iOS 10 VS. Windows 10 Mobile. Which Will Dominate?

os operating system windows os android nougat iosAre you torn between the latest iPhones and so many Android phones in the market? Well, what do you want or need in your new smartphone?

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If you are unable to decide which one between iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 or the latest Windows phone, then, perhaps, you might look into the central operating system of these devices.

There are three dominating mobile OS in the market, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. We will take a closer look at each OS through several categories. Let’s see which of the three will dominate.

Affordability & Variety

Even if you close your eyes, you already know that Android phones are way cheaper than Windows and iOS devices. Although this year Apple released iPhone SE, the budget phone of the company, it’s still priced at $400 and you can get Android phones for as low as $100 or $200.

Now, even if you don’t want to settle for cheap Androids, there are lots of high-end smartphones in the market that are cheaper than iPhones, including that of Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, and so much more!

So, there’s no doubt, Android wins here.

Interface & App

We will find a new winner here, given that Windows Mobile is having lesser count when it comes to apps. According to digitaltrends, there are over 2.2 million apps in Android, 2 million for iOS and only 600,000 Windows Mobile apps.

iOS has a more uniform and stylish, yet very simple interface than the other two. On top of it, animations and simplicity of iOS apps make it easy to use. Hence, no doubt iOS is the winner here.

Battery life

One of the biggest problems with smartphones is battery life. iOS devices are known to have a long lasting battery life. However, given the variety of choices you have for Android, if you choose an Android phone with bigger battery, it will easily outlast the iPhone. Not just that, with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat, it allows user to optimize performance of apps to maximize battery.

On the other hand, Windows 10 Mobile has a battery saver that allows you to monitor usage of battery per apps, therefore, you can turn off background usage for maximum battery utilization.

Finally, iOS lacks the fast charging capacity. Hence, even though iOS is well optimized, Android is great in giving both the optimization, and now, the fast charging capacity.

Operating System updates

No more explanations, the winner in this category is iOS. Even though there are billions of iPhones around the globe, at least, Apple was able to manage in giving updates, especially in terms of privacy and security. As for Android, since there are a lot of manufacturers utilizing the OS, only those big Android players – Google itself, Samsung, HTC and LG and a few others – can afford to send OTA updates to their devices. But, the process is rather slow compared to that of iOS.


This is Android’s strength. Although you can also do customization in Windows Mobile and iOS, Android offers more, including, installation of alternative launchers, multiple home screens with backgrounds, resizable widgets, shortcuts and more. But, iOS and Windows are limited in these aspects.

Calls & Messaging

When it comes to the basic calling and messaging functionality, all the OS is putting much effort on these. Google relies on Hangouts and other messaging app. iOS comes with FaceTime and iMessage, while Microsoft has Skype. All these messaging apps are separate from the standard SMS.

These three might have their own messaging and calling app, but iOS dominates here because of its consistency and accessibility.


In terms of security, iOS dominates in this category. Apple prioritizes user privacy, therefore, Apple device users frequently receive OS updates. Although Android encrypts some data, but its privacy is less protected. And, since there are millions of Android devices that are out of date, they are prone to hacks and attacks. As for Windows phones, they are not widely used, so MDM programs only focus on the other two. Hence, iOS is the winner in this category.

Final Note

Clearly, the winner is iOS.

But, if you think Android or Windows Mobile is way better than iOS, tell us why by leaving a comment below.

Stay tuned!


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  1. yeah , i actually do writting after all i am a litterature so all what you have said is true as long as you have a strong mind to imagine and use that fascinating ways to reach some points you want to reach , and writting is a way of expressing your true self so keep up i really encourage you for that and i am really happy to find people like you do that extraordinary way that i really like and adore as you i presume so good luck ^^ .

  2. This is not a feature but a key component of this discussion. Android seems to get faster updates than iOS because Android has been untethered for a much longer time from its stock apps than iOS- its counterpart. Stock apps are produced by the respective companies that has made the mobile phone and this gives google to update its operating system regularly and fast rather than having to produce updates for each and every one of it’s default apps. So i thing that any OS has good and bad sides, the question is what you more like to use.

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