Expect high-end smartphones with dual camera setup by 2017, says Sony

Expect High-End Smartphones With Dual Camera Setup By 2017, Says Sony

Sony Corporation has been very successful in their image sensor business. As a matter of fact, its camera components were featured in a number of high-end smartphones from big manufacturers worldwide. And, according to the recent Q3 FY15 results, the company deduced that somehow its dual camera set-up will be featured in products from “major smartphone players”, probably next year. Though the company didn’t name a name, but it was recently…

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2016

What To Expect From Mobile World Congress 2016?

For those of you who are new to the smartphone world, there is what we call Mobile World Congress (MWC) held every year in Barcelona. And, from Fira Barcelona Gran Via will come the great smartphones and tablets, including wearables, from big manufacturers around the globe. So, what can we expect from this prestigious event? If you don’t know, the 2015 MWC had a record-breaking 94,000+ attendees from around 200…

Get ready for VAIO’s first Windows phone, the Phone Biz

Get Ready For VAIO’s First Windows Phone, The Phone Biz

You might have noticed, or you might have owned one of the gorgeous Vaio laptops from Sony. And, these are not just laptops. Vaio laptops are great and seriously desirable with top quality. However, after it was sold to a big Japanese brand, it was not able to make a wide appearance globally. But, now that it stands as a company, would it make a global appeal? It was reported…

Everything you need to know about Verizon’s CAT s50C

Everything You Need To Know About Verizon-Powered CAT S50c

It was not long ago that CAT S50 became available with Verizon Wireless connectivity, and indeed it is called CAT S50c, just as we have reported last September of last year. If you are fashionable, and you want the sleek and slim type of smartphones, you will surely be disappointed when you see CAT S50c up close. But, for those who are always on that go – outdoor activities, working in the field –…

Know your health through a sweat sensor

A Sweat Sensor That Help You Know Your Health

There are so many fitness trackers and smartwatches existing today that somewhat gave basic health information to the users. Not just these wearables, there was even an app from B2Cloud which was called DreamLab to collect data and send it for a cancer research. And now, a sensor, disguised as a rudimentary wristband or headband, is developed by a UC Berkeley team. The sensor is very unique as it will analyze your…

Great accessories to fully enhance your smartphone and tablet experience

4 Great Accessories to Fully Enhance Your Smartphone and Tablet Experience

Just with these affordable mobile accessories, you will be able to fully maximize your smartphone, its capacity and your experience as well. While we have already appreciated how amazing and great our smartphones and tablets are, there are still ways and means to exploit the full capacity of smartphones and tablets for our advantage. And, today, we will be revealing four of the best mobile accessories you can use with…

Withdraw from Chase ATMs without your card, just your smartphone

Withdraw From Chase ATMs With Your smartphone

Maybe this is something that we are expecting to happen, but it happens really soon. As the mobile payment services continue to invade our retail stores, it is also made very easy for JP Morgan Chase to withdraw money even if you don’t have your ATM cards with you. Quoting the words from a related post in Associated Press,“Soon, losing your ATM card won’t be the financial life-stopping event it…

can you imagine if your smartphone is much smarter than you are

Can You Imagine If Your Smartphone Is Much Smarter Than You?

Many are using smartphones. And, what benefits can it give us?There are so much advantages that smartphones are giving us. We can call and text, we can browse the internet and most of all, we can use tools to make our life easier and faster. For example, in order to track our expenses, we don’t need to bring a journal of expenses with us.We just download an app and enter…

coffee benefits

Would You Like To Drink A Cup Of Coffee If You See Your ‘selfie’ On Your Latte?

Previous researchers suggest that frequent consumption of coffee can cause health-threatening heart palpitations. But, according to the latest research conducted at the University of California – San Francisco, coffee drinkers might actually get cardiovascular benefits. And, how much more if you have your coffee latte printed with your ‘selfie’ or an inspirational quote? Aside from the natural benefits of coffee, drinking with a happy thought can really make your day.Health…