4 free mobile apps that let you donate even if you don’t have money

Giving back using free mobile apps

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Want to donate this 2016? Do so by downloading these free apps for Android and iOS.

There are so many of us who want to give back, but couldn’t because they don’t have that much. They wish they could spare a portion of their bonuses, but it is just, they failed to account their spendings thoroughly. As a result, the percentage, in which, they pledged to give to charity has gone away. So, they are disappointed, and they wish they could have more to give. But, it seems only a few will have a little extra to give. Others can just meet the ends, still many of us fail to meet our needs.

But, with these mobile apps, you can surely give back, without worrying if you will have enough before the payday comes. You might wonder, if this is possible or just a hoax. This is true. Many of us have mobile phones, right? And, a lot of us have the latest Android or iOS smartphones. If you own either an Android or iOS device, then you can surely donate without taking out your wallet from your pocket. This is through downloading these four free apps that let you donate to charitable causes.


Charity Miles

Platform: Android & iOS

Goal: Sponsors pledge $0.25 for every mile you walked or run and $0.10 for every mile you biked

Mechanics to Donate: Simply download and install the app. Sign up for an account. Once done, you can use it for donation. Each time you go out for a workout, you login to your account. Select the charity and select the type of activity that you will be doing, e.g. outdoor walking/running, outdoor cycling or indoor running. With the activity, the app uses your accelerometer and GPS to detect your distance and your movement. After the workout, you can simply stop the app and the miles you covered will be converted to dollars according to the goal above.

Beneficiaries: 37 charities, including World Wildlife Fund, charity: water, and Habitat for Humanity


Donate a Photo

Platform: Android & iOS

Goal: For every photo that you donate via the app, the publisher, Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 to beneficiaries, in which the user will have the freedom to choose the charity to donate.

Mechanics to Donate: Simply download and install the app. Sign up for an account. You can select the beneficiaries from the list provided. Once you’ve selected a cause, click Donate Now. You can either upload a photo or snap a new one. That’s how simple it is to donate!

Beneficiaries: Save the Children, Born Free Africa, Operation Smile, etc.



Platform: Android & iOS

Goal: Feedie will donate to the The Lunchbox Fund for each photo shared to social media sites via the app. The photo must be taken from the participating restaurants near you.

Mechanics to Donate: Simply download and install the app. Sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account. Once you do, locate the participating restaurants, mostly in Los Angeles and New York City. Then, you can simply pose and post your pictures via Feedie to your social media accounts. And, you can help feed the hungry children in South Africa through the organization.

Beneficiaries: The Lunchbox Fund


Charity Tap

Platform: iOS

Goal: For every tap you made, you will donate a grain of rice to a cause

Mechanics to Donate: Simply download the game to get started. This is probably, the most boring, no-brainer, yet, the easiest way to help and make a difference. You just play by tapping the bowl on the screen. The more taps you make, the more grains you donate. You can see your progress at the top, how many grains you’ve donated and your taps per second. Sounds, interesting? Well, if you think, you may want to download it. A few taps a day, can really feed the hungry.

Beneficiaries: World Food Programme

These are the four mobile apps that allow you to give back without giving money. Choose which one works best for you and you can start giving back. Let’s see how much you’ve helped and how many have benefited from your generosity in the year 2016.

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  1. There are many people like mobile. It is a very useful for every body.When is used it and profit many way.They wish they could spare a portion of their bonuses in mobile news. But, with these mobile apps, you can surely give back, without worrying if you will have enough before the payday comes. There are many other mobile in this world. Many mobile company in this world.

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