Misplaced Your Phone & In A Hurry? Here Are 4 Effective Ways To Find Your Lost Phone

lost phone misplaced phoneWell, we have already known from the past that we can track our lost smartphones with already-installed location-tracking apps. However, don’t think of the worst scenario right now. Just…

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…what if you left your phone somewhere you couldn’t remember and you don’t have another phone, nor a PC to track your misplaced phone? What if you left it in the bathroom, or on the couch or under the freshly piled folded clothes and you have no idea where it is? What if you badly need your phone and you’re running late for an appointment?

Do you have the quickest, most effective way in mind? Well, if you still don’t have, then, maybe you need to check out these four unusual, yet effective ways to find your phone.

Ask Amazon Echo

If you are not familiar with Amazon Echo, it is a personal assistant you can ask for anything like pizzas, schedules, even storytelling. And, the good thing is, you can also ask it to locate your phone.

One of the effective ways to locate your misplaced phone with Echo is through an app called TrackR. It lets your misplaced phone rings loudly – even if it’s in silent mode – when you say, “Alexa, ask TrackR to find my phone.” Isn’t it amazing?

However, if you don’t have Amazon Echo, don’t worry, you got other alternatives.

Blare for Android

If you have an Android phone, better yet, install Blare right now. A Blare-equipped phone can show up itself  just by calling it through a coded message or a simple “Phone, where are you?” statement.

First, you need to download Blare and setup the message you will use in order to find your phone, if you misplaced it. So, assuming you misplaced your phone. Simply call out the trigger, and assuming your phone is listening, it will send a loud alarm even if it is still on mute. You can opt to make it vibrate or flash its LED, as well.

Now, maybe you will ask, if this is an always-on app, don’t you think it will not eat up much of the phone’s battery? Well, to answer that, the developer ensures and assures that Blare is memory-efficient and doesn’t consume much battery. So, don’t worry.

You can also download a premium version – without ads – for just 99 cents.

Marco Polo for iPhone users

Just say “Marco,” and your phone will answer, “Polo!” – just a simple as that. Despite the simple configuration, according to some reviews, the 99 cents for that app isn’t particularly adept. But, if you wanna try, and if you think it’s a good app, then, have it right here.

Push-button tracking

What if you can’t speak, or you don’t want to appear crazy shouting names in the middle of the day, or even calling out your phone – you can try a silent method. But, of course, you have to spend a little more. With Bluetooth connectivity, and the Tile and TrackR trackers, you will be able to find your phone on a short-range.

You might need to have a little Tile or TrackR (the same as the tracker in Echo) fob to your keychain, perhaps. And, you need to perpetually pair it with your phone via Bluetooth. And, when you misplaced your phone, simply push the button and presto, your phone rings even if it’s muted. This works the other way around, too. You can use your phone to find your key chain.

Make sure you won’t lose your phone and your keychain, at the same time. You will surely be in trouble if you misplaced both.

This kind of method is a little expensive, though – Tile is around $25 and Trackr is $29. However, the price will surely drop if you buy in multiples. So, if you are interested, why don’t you call your friends to share the word, and the cost as well?

Do take note that these tips only works if you misplaced your phone, at home, or in the office, or even inside your car. But, if you need ways to locate a phone that is stolen, then, check out helpful tips here.

Do you have other ways in finding misplaced phone? Why don’t you share it with us?

Stay tuned for more tips!

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  1. Oooh Awesome tips. There is nothing that irritates like misplacing my phone and spending hours searching. This is the best side of innovations; taking us from impossibilities to possibilities. TrackR sounds great. I am just wondering how my phone in silent mode will know that it is lost and ring loudly. I am gonna try this app. Hahaaa the bad bit would be losing a phone and the keychain. I guess one of the users advice which comes with this gadget is do not place it near your phone. Thank you for this informative article.

  2. Ohhhh this is cool, this site is so good, it very good for innovation,it is now easy to find a misplaced phone even though it is silent. Using word to find a phone, it so amazing. I don’t know amazon echo can do such a great job until I read this article it’s surprising. So every misplaced phone has a solution to b found without stress. I think think this should be best the best way of finding a misplaced phone. Thank you so much for this article.

  3. I like the article! For me, this is enlightenment … It’s easy when you misplace phone at home and usually have someone who can give you a call and find it so … But this is really a fantastic solution. I believe many people first heard about this as I am. I only have one question, what if the misplaced phone is battery low and in the meantime goes off …?

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