11 Amazing Snapchat Features You Might Not Know Exist!

11 hidden features of snapchatAre you a Snapchat user? If you are, then, what are the features you know about this popular app? If you are not a user of the app, maybe, the following features will encourage you to download and use Snapchat.

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Now, here are the 10 hidden features of Snapchat.

  1. Multiple filters in one snap

You can add more than one filter to your snaps. To do so, simply add the first filter by swiping to the left. Then, hold one finger on the screen and swipe with the other to select a second filter.

  1. Take a screenshot

You can take a screenshot without your friend knowing you did such. To do it, simply put your phone into airplane mode. Then, open Snapchat. View the snap and take a screenshot. You can log out and close the app. Turn the airplane mode off, the, re-open Snapchat. Your friend will not know that you made a snapshot already, and it doesn’t have any pesky notifications on it.

  1. Meanings of emojis next to your contacts

There are so many emojis available and you don’t even know what each of them means. Hence, if you are curious, you can check what each one means by going to Settings > Additional Services > tap Manage Preferences > Friend emojis. You can customize the emojis and pick one of your choice.

  1. Bring back old filters

Snapchat is fond of taking old filters away and introducing new filters. Now, if you like the old filters, you need to revert to the old version of the app to get your older filters.

To do so on iOS devices, simply go to Settings > General > Date and time > Turn off “set automatically.” From then, you can change the date, as to when was the last time you still were able to use the filter. (Just don’t go beyond January 1,1970, or your phone gets broken.)

On Android phones, on the other hand, simply go to General > Date and Time and deselect “automatic date and time.” Then, set the date manually, in order to retrieve your old filters.

  1. It’s your birthday!

If you want to be greeted on your birthday, make sure you will configure it right from Settings > Birthday and turn on “Birthday Party.” This will enable a big cake emoji next to your name on your birthday. So, there’s no way your friends will miss that big day.

  1. Find the black and white pen tool

Are you tired of the color palette default for your annotations? You can try black and white, then. To do so, drag with your finger the color palette towards the bottom of the screen to get the black pen. And, to get the white pen, swipe the palette to the top left hand side of the screen.

  1. Activate night camera mode

With Snapchat, you can take better pictures even in low light conditions and nighttime, as well. To do this, simply tap the moon symbol, which will automatically appear at the top right corner when the camera app detects that it’s dark.

And, if you can’t get the moon symbol, you can simply cover the camera lens with your hand, and the moon will appear and stay on the screen.

Now you can get better pictures even in low-light settings.

  1. Exceed the word limit

You can trick Snapchat to enter a message way beyond its limit, even to make two lines of text. Simply copy annotations from Notes and paste it in the text bar of the app.

  1. Save battery and storage

Snapchat really eats up battery and fill your storage so easily. However, there’s a trick to do away with it. Go to Settings > Additional Services > tap Manage Preferences > turn on Travel Mode. This will stop the app from automatically downloading messages and stories.

  1. Voice and video calls

Snapchat is not just a snap app. You can make calls directly from the app. To do so, simply swipe to the right on a contact to open the conversation you have with them. Then, the camera and phone symbols appear on either side of the “take a picture” circle to start a video and voice calls, respectively.

  1. Send money (US only)

Thanks to Snapchat’s deal with Square, users can send money to their contact. If you have a Visa or MasterCard debit card, you can go to Settings > Snapcash, and activate the feature. It will ask your mobile number and links your card to the app.

So, there you have it, 11 of the amazing features are being unveiled.

What do you think of Snapchat now? Do you think it’s worth downloading? If you do, go to Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS devices to download the app now!

Stay tuned for more revelations!

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  1. Wow you have really done your homework. Thank for this wonderful post it will be most helpful! I especially like the trick with the taking a snapshot ot the screen. I can make a lot ot tricks with this one. But i didn’t know about the multiple filters in one. I am going to try it first thing ( when my phone recharges that is ) . I am looing forward for more great articles likes this,especially the ones that are about apps. I can use them,and i know friends of mine that will be pretty excited to read about them as well. Maybe next time you can write something about how to trick Trading apps into giving us money for free ? Think about it,OK?

  2. I regularly use snapchat for the filters it offers, and I really had no idea of the various hidden features that the app has. Thanks to your post I managed to identify these characteristics that went unnoticed for me, I guess a large number of people do not know these characteristics. I have read several of your posts and I liked them a lot, being very clear and with excellent writing you immediately get the attention. Keep going forward with these posts, regards.

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