10 Interesting Things You Can Do On iPhone’s Lock Screen

10 Interesting Things You Can Do On iPhone's Lock ScreenProbably, the very thing that you know you can do with your iPhone’s lock screen is to unlock it in order to access a wide variety of functionalities of your phone. However, did you know that you could do more with iPhone even if it’s just in the lock screen?

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Well, if you haven’t, kept scrolling to know these interesting things you can do on your iPhone’s lock screen. With the new iOS 10, great and amazing things happened and are bound to happen on Apple devices. And, among these are the following.

Want to take a photo?

Yes, you can. Simply swipe to the left to get to the camera app and capture the moment. You can immediately send it to the internet via social media apps. To return to the lock screen, just swipe to the right – as simple as that, just like nothing happens in the split of the time.

Rest finger to open

There is an effortless way to unlock your iPhone screen. To do that, go to Settings > General Accessibility > Home Button > then, Rest Finger to Open. Turn this setting on. Once you have done it, you can simply rest your finger on your iPhone – with no pressure needed – and the phone will open up. Presto!

Reply to messages

You don’t need to tap your messaging app in order to reply to your messages. With 3D Touch, you can simply tap the message notification on the lock screen to pull up the keyboard and start typing.

Now, if you haven’t enabled your iPhone yet, you can swipe it to the left, then, tap and View.

Configure your phone now in order to make things much easier.

Access to Recent apps

Need to get back to your favorite mobile game? No, you don’t need to unlock your iPhone. Simply swipe to the right to see Siri App suggestions. You should see, at least, four most recently used apps, and eight in all if you tap Show More.

In this way, you don’t need to go to the long list of apps you have in order to start playing and connecting with friends, on social media, perhaps.

Raise to wake

Tired of pressing any button on your iPhone? Simply raise it up to wake. Thanks to iOS 10, you can have what’s already on Apple Watch – it wakes when you raise your wrist. To enable this feature, simply go to Settings > Display & Brightness > then, enable Raise to Wake.

Change torch intensity

Get to Control Center by swiping from the bottom of your phone up. Then, you can tap the torch icon and turn it on. You can 3D Touch the icon to adjust the intensity and tap it again to switch off. Easy, right?

Clear all notifications

Swipe down from the top to see all notifications, then, just like iPad, tap the tiny ‘x‘ in the top right corner to clear everything. You can also 3D Touch each one to see more options.

Search functionality

Swipe from top to bottom to access the search bar and start finding what you want. Simply type in whatever you need, and the results will automatically be displayed from contacts to apps, even files and websites. As easy as one, two, three…

Lock Screen widgets

To maximize lock screen’s widget, simply swipe to the right. Line up everything you want to access immediately – without unlocking your phone. Scroll right to the bottom, then, tap Edit to make changes if you want to add or remove current widgets. There you can access your favorite widgets right before you even unlock your iPhone.

Control your music

You want to listen to soothing music right away? Simply swipe up from bottom to get to the Control Center, then, swipe left to reach for music controls. If you have smart home devices, connected via the Home app, you can simply access the music controls on the panel, as well.

There you have it. Try these now to make the most of your iPhones.

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Source: stuff.tv

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