10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

best free android wallpaper appsIs there anyone who don’t want to have a great wallpaper? We bet no one.

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Whether you are using a laptop, tablet, smartphone, even desktop, you really want to have a wallpaper that fits your taste. Sometimes, the built-in alternative wallpapers are way too simple or archaic, that you want to have something new and eye-catching. Hence, we give you ten of the best Android wallpaper apps that you can choose to satisfy your eyes.

The following list is in no particular order since all of them are great in terms of accessibility and collection of themes. We at RechargeIt News also consider the rating and the number of downloads to date to achieve this best free Android wallpaper apps list.


[Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 1M – 5M]

This is a go-to-app that lets users download ringtones, notification tones, alarm tones and the best free wallpapers for Android. One user who gives five star rating for the app said, “Extremely useful 🙂 “ ~ Jerushiah Opriasa | September 27, 2016

Wallpapers for Me

[Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 5M – 10M]

You can choose from a wide variety of exclusive and awesome collection of wallpapers to complement your screen. Get a very unique look of your wallpaper now.

“Wow. Best Wallpaper App Ever!! 🙂 “ ~ MaryCharm Gaming | June 30, 2016

Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

[Rating: 4.6 Downloads: 50M-100M]

This is the world’s no.1 wallpaper app loved by over 90 million users worldwide. It updates its database daily, so, even if you are changing wallpapers every day, you still have tons of options to choose from.

“Nice Very Good” ~ Jonel Sunga | November 28, 2015

500 Firepaper

[Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 100K-1M]

If you are in need of live wallpapers with daydream effect, 500 Firepaper has a wide collection for that. It will give you one quality photograph from around the world each single day. So, you will never get bored like your old wallpaper again.

Joe Jesso said in his review of the app, “I have tried lots of wallpaper apps, but I don’t need to look any more. 500 Firepaper does everything I need it to do. I love the option to keep images B&W. No more distracting background colours hiding my icons! This is one app where I don’t mind supporting the creator. Well done! “ | April 9,2016

Cool Wallpapers HD Kappboom®

[Rating: 4.8, Downloads: 10M-50M]

It has over 200,000 beautiful and colorful wallpapers. This app is memory-optimized, smooth and fast. Therefore, you won’t really have a problem with any lags caused by third-party apps.

“It’s so cool because there is so much Categories of stuff, like everything is on this app and also it’s really easy,” said Remix 2.0 | November 10,2016

Muzei Live Wallpaper

[Rating: 4.4, Downloads: 1M-5M]

Comes with both live and regular wallpapers. It is great for art lovers as most of the collections feature classic work of art. You can opt to add bokeh effect to wallpapers to make shortcut icons and the home screen clear.


[Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 1M-5M]

If you don’t want the readily available wallpapers, but, instead, want to make a unique one, use Tapet. You can build your own wallpaper from scratch. To do so, simply select patterns and colors from a variety of options and it will generate your wallpaper. You can even specify the size of your screen. So, it’s more customizable.

Minima Live Wallpaper

[Rating 4.1, Downloads: 500K-1M]

Parallax effect and 3D effect are very interesting. Only a few developers integrated this feature into the wallpaper app. One of which is the Minima. You can change colors that suit your preferences, and even edit built-in themes. Some features are limited for the free version. But, if you want some more, go PRO!

“A truly amazing live wallpaper app! I don’t normally rate apps so soon after downloading them, but this is one of the best wallpaper apps I’ve seen. It appears to use true 3D rendering to generate endless combinations of very aesthetically pleasing images that work perfectly for wallpaper. As cool as the live wallpaper is, the ability to save still images of rendered states is even cooler. The assortment of cost-free wallpapers feels quite fair and generous and it’s making me want to go PRO!” ~indieTorrent | February 17,2016

Wallpapers HD – PIXELS

[Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 100K – 500K]

If you are looking for a free collection of photos for wallpapers, download Pixels. All images are 100% free and are licensed under CCO (Creative Commons Zero). So, you can use, copy, modify, even redistribute the photos for free.

Facets – with Muzei

[Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 50K-100K]

If you are looking for simple, yet elegant work of art for wallpapers, get Facets. You can choose from a wide collection of wallpapers as well as concepts and moods.

“The best wallpaper app! Justin Maller’s work is some of the best on the internet. I was tempted to just download the APK, but I just had to pay for this quality stuff + the Muzei in-app purchase. Loved it!” ~Varun Sarathy | July 27, 2016]

There you have it!

If you know of any other great free Android wallpapers, apps not mentioned here, please leave a comment below, so that we can add it to the list.

Stay tuned!

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