LG G5 might wow us with its ‘always on’ screen feature and more

LG G5 Might Wow Us With Its ‘Always On’ Screen Feature And More

LG has been making elaborate introductions about its upcoming high-end smartphone this year, the LG G5.  The South Korean smartphone manufacturer had revealed that LG G5 will be launched on the 21st of February in Barcelona, a day before the big event in the mobile world – the Mobile World Congress 2016. Now, in an animated image on LG’s official Facebook page, the manufacturer highlighted a differentiated feature of the upcoming…

Use And Access Recovery Mode In The Latest Smartphones and Tablets

Use And Access To Recovery Mode In The Latest Smartphones and Tablets

Have you been in a situation wherein you forget the password or the code of your smartphone or tablet? You exploited all the possible combinations, but it seems hopeless and your device is already locked. Or, you have experienced intolerable performance issues and unexpected behavior of your devices and you need to recover what it used to be the original behavior of your phone. There is a secret to bypass the…

Fuel Cell Powered Smartphones With 7-Day Battery Life Might Come In 2018

Fuel Cell Powered Smartphones With 7-Day Battery Life Might Come In 2018?

Who will not invest to have a smartphone that can last for a week, which you only charge once every seven days? We bet, everyone will be dying to have this smartphone. And, a British fuel-cell developer is now having a contract with an “unnamed” smartphone maker to produce a fuel cell which can be embedded in mobile phones as batteries. The contract between the “unnamed” smartphone maker and Intelligent…

Expect high-end smartphones with dual camera setup by 2017, says Sony

Expect High-End Smartphones With Dual Camera Setup By 2017, Says Sony

Sony Corporation has been very successful in their image sensor business. As a matter of fact, its camera components were featured in a number of high-end smartphones from big manufacturers worldwide. And, according to the recent Q3 FY15 results, the company deduced that somehow its dual camera set-up will be featured in products from “major smartphone players”, probably next year. Though the company didn’t name a name, but it was recently…

What to expect from Mobile World Congress 2016

What To Expect From Mobile World Congress 2016?

For those of you who are new to the smartphone world, there is what we call Mobile World Congress (MWC) held every year in Barcelona. And, from Fira Barcelona Gran Via will come the great smartphones and tablets, including wearables, from big manufacturers around the globe. So, what can we expect from this prestigious event? If you don’t know, the 2015 MWC had a record-breaking 94,000+ attendees from around 200…

Everything you need to know about Verizon’s CAT s50C

Everything You Need To Know About Verizon-Powered CAT S50c

It was not long ago that CAT S50 became available with Verizon Wireless connectivity, and indeed it is called CAT S50c, just as we have reported last September of last year. If you are fashionable, and you want the sleek and slim type of smartphones, you will surely be disappointed when you see CAT S50c up close. But, for those who are always on that go – outdoor activities, working in the field –…

Know your health through a sweat sensor

A Sweat Sensor That Help You Know Your Health

There are so many fitness trackers and smartwatches existing today that somewhat gave basic health information to the users. Not just these wearables, there was even an app from B2Cloud which was called DreamLab to collect data and send it for a cancer research. And now, a sensor, disguised as a rudimentary wristband or headband, is developed by a UC Berkeley team. The sensor is very unique as it will analyze your…